Ecomotive® is now part of Jets® Group

Ecomotive AS is an innovation company carrying out research and development in relation to water and wastewater solutions.

The products that Ecomotive AS has developed so far have simplified and enabled source separation and emission reductions in sanitary solutions.

In our research projects, we look at the future opportunities for reuse of resources found in both gray and black water. All of our solutions are scientifically documented.

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Sustainable solutions for land and sea

Wastewater solutions developed by Ecomotive AS should be sustainable, or contribute to sustainability.

The word sustainability describes very well what we are trying to do at Ecomotive: to maintain a natural balance through minimal environmental impact from the products we develop in collaboration with our clients.

Ecomotive AS has been the driving force behind the development of several treatment plants which are all “state of the art” with excellent environmental and purification properties.

These systems are currently commercial products manufactured and sold by the Jets® group.

To us, the term sustainability means that we manage both renewable and limited resources in such a way that they are available for future generations
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Solutions for houses and cabins

Ecomotive® has developed a source-separating, decentralized wastewater system for high-end cabins and residential buildings (using a gray water treatment plant and a collecting tank for black water). The gray water component of the system is designed and developed as a compact treatment plant with all functionality housed in a single tank. With today's technology, we can handle graywater treatment for cabins, cabin areas and houses.

In our current source separation wastewater system, toilet waste (black water) is collected in a black water tank that is emptied by truck at regular intervals. All other wastewater from showers, bathtubs, dishwashing and laundry (gray water) flows to the gray water plant for treatment. Thus, the two wastewater fractions are not mixed at any point, but remain separated at all times.

Solutions for ships

Our maritime sewage treatment plant is highly compact with flexible and space-saving installation options. It was developed working alongside the Jets® group’s leading professionals in maritime treatment technology, in an attempt to considerably improve treatment efficiency for the benefit of the maritime environment. We successfully did so, and certification tests carried out at BG Verkehr in Germany (formerly SBG), made it clear that the Ecomotive® STP yielded test results that were 30 to 40 percent better than other treatment systems have achieved.

The combination of these factors has resulted in impressive sales figures in the marine market. Today we supply plants in different sizes/capacities as needed, and can treat black and gray water at sea with very good results.