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Festival and events
Reliable operations and elevated festival experience with vacuum technology
The Jets NOMAD ensured reliable operation of vacuumtoilets at Sweden Rock.
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Lean guru Michael Ballé visits Jets
Michael Ballé has spent the past 25 years studying lean transformation, and helping companies develop a lean culture. Jets Vacuum was lucky enough to have him visit our location in Hareid.
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From the left: Hans-Ola Holstad from Holstad Eiendomsutvikling, Gunnar Gjersdal from Jets Vacuum and Julie Sundgot Andersen from Vekst i Hareid,
Plans to modernize old factory
Holstad Eiendomsutvikling wants to transform a closed furniture factory to a modern business location, under the name ID24. With a local initiative, Vekst i Hareid, as their partner and Jets Vacuum as their first tenant, they have taken the first step towards that goal.
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Construction and public
Karsten Warholm
Jets and World Champion Karsten Warholm - What's the story?
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Bringing vacuum innovation to supermarkets worldwide
With a non-disruptive and cost saving alternative for dealing with condensate water, Jets Vacuum AS is making waves in the global market for supermarket technology.
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Buildings and Green buildings
Norwegian vacuum technology in the Munch museum
The new Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, opens to the public in 2021. Here we will be able to experience Norwegian art heritage in unique surroundings. Norwegian innovation and history will not only be on display in the grand galleries; world-leading Norwegian environmental technology has been used in the building’s sanitary system.
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Buildings and Green buildings
World Toilet Day - Leaving no one Behind
Vacuum toilet in Mumbai slum settlement
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Jets reference LA public sustainable toilets in remote destinationstrollstigen service building
Buildings and Green buildings
Sustainable toilets in remote destinations
The Norwegian Scenic Routes are a selection of 18 roads surrounded by exceptional beauty. Along these roads, rest stops and viewing points are designed by architects, landscape architects and artists. One of the most spectacular destinations is Trollstigen. Here, water saving vacuum toilets from Jets™ provide a high standard of sanitation to visitors.
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Buildings and Green buildings
Vacuum toilets limit the spread of infections
A fresh study reveals how vacuum toilets can help in the battle against spreading viruses.
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