Sewage Treatment

The Ecomotive® Sewage Treatment Plants by Jets®

Introducing the new addition to our STP range, Ecomotive® STP Compact gives you even greater freedom to choose the right solution for your vessels.

Built around the same MBBR technology, both Ecomotive® STP Compact and Ecomotive® STP Flex by Jets® are space efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible.

With more than 30 years of experience in sewage treatment plants, Jets Vacuum understands the requirements of the industry, and has created solutions that are reliable and affordable, without any need for chemicals.

  • Chemical free!
  • Small footprint
  • Reduced and simplified maintenance
  • Environmentally responsible
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The Ecomotive® sewage treatment plants meet the highest environmental standards

Save space and costs with Ecomotive® STP Compact

A modern engine room has to contain a lot of equipment, and space is at a premium.

With its high biological capacity, the Ecomotive® STP Compact offers the most space-saving design available. It comes in four different sizes in both stainless steel and black steel execution.

Elevated on legs, the STP tanks can be drained completely. This allows for tank disinfection to support improved system hygiene and crew safety and at the same time prevent corrosion attacks on the bottom of the STP (black steel execution).

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Unique flexibility with Ecomotive® STP Flex

The Ecomotive® STP Flex is the most flexible of our STP solutions.

With its modular design, it can be installed in a range of combinations to best suit any project.

Biological treatment of wastewater using the MBBR approach is a tried and tested method. The technology is competitive, virtually maintenance-free and gives long operational life. Chief Engineers consulted during development are confident about the first-class qualities of the Ecomotive® plants.

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Sewage treatment plants by Jets®

Each of our high quality STP models are built on the same MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) technology. This creates a high biological capacity, meaning the unit itself can be more compact and kept within a small footprint.

The biofilm carriers inside the tanks remain inside the STP for the entire lifetime of the unit, ensuring they will not end up in the ocean or need replacing.

  • Self-cleaning: Due to the continuous movement of biofilm carriers. Reduced maintenance and improved safety for the crew.
  • Disinfection by UV-light: Most effective and environmentally responsible solution
  • Automatic sludge removal: Automated and clean operation eliminates a dirty job for the crew
  • Macerating feed pump: Operational safety due to improved and highly effective cleaning process

How does it work?

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1. Inlet tank

The inlet tank mixes black water (sewage) and grey water, and provides ample capacity for peak loads.

The Vacuumarator® pump used to feed the treatment plant ensures a steady and continuous flow of waste water from the inlet tank to the bio tanks.

The inlet tank can be supplied for either integrated or separate installation. Alternatively a hull tank can be used in its place.

4. Sludge removal

The sludge removal pump ensures that excessive sludge is removed from the plant.

This is an automatically controlled procedure that does not require the crew's attention.

2. Bio chambers

The bio chambers feature a seamless interface which always maintains the important retention time at the correct level.

Due to the steady flow created by the feeding pump, effluent moves in an optimal pattern from chamber to chamber.

Aeration keeps the suspended biofilm carriers in motion while providing oxygen for the microbes.

5. Sterilisation

The treated water is exposed to UV light sterilisation on its way to the clean water tank.

A dedicated pump is then used to discharge the water overboard, effectively eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

3. Settling tank

The settling tank features a centrally installed inlet pipe which reduces the speed of the liquid flowing into the tank, thereby improving the settling process.

The funnel-shaped lower section of the tank directs sludge toward the tank's discharge point, preventing deposits inside the tank.


The bio film carriers stay in the system for the entire lifetime of the Ecomotive® sewage treatment plant and do not end up in the sea.

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