Discharge and pump-out stations

Given the choice between a polluted harbour and a sparkling clean one, where would you dock your boat?

Jets® is used in every second ship built with a vacuum system. This speaks volumes about reliability. The very same Vacuumarator® pump technology used on ships, also powers pump-out stations.

When choosing the right pump-out solution to keep your coastal waters clean, why would you compromise?

  • Flexible pumping
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Easy installation
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Nothing beats sailing on the high seas, except maybe pulling into port alongside like-minded mariners in a pristine harbour
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Solutions for any challenge

Vacuumarator® pumps are available in a range of sizes, both as individual pumps and as preassembled vacuum units.

Vacuum units with several pumps offer many advantages, such as added redundancy and increased capacity, while single pumps are compact in size and have tremendous efficiency.

Whether your harbour is home to just a few dozen local boats or visited by thousands of people daily, our systems will scale to suit your application - using the same core technology.

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For standalone stations

Single station: Pump and pump-out station in one unit. A single Vacuumarator® pump will provide plenty of pumping power and high operational reliability.

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For larger configurations

Several stations: One main pump unit to manage several pump-out stations. Vacuum units with multiple pumps are used to operate larger marinas with several pump-out stations effortlessly.

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Your safe, reliable shore connection

  • Stainless steel 316 construction. Withstands nordic weather conditions
  • Safety in design - control features for reduced lifecycle cost
  • Insulated with 19 mm cellular rubber for frost protection (-20 degrees)
  • Heater element 400v
  • Vacuumarator® pump 230v or 400v
  • Doors open 180 degrees - easier fitting on site
  • Lockable doors
  • Retrivable hose retainer for easy access
  • Inspection glass for easy monitoring of pump health
  • Hose length 12m. Longer hose length available

World leading vacuum technology

The unique Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of any Jets® system. It creates ­vacuum, macerates sewage and ­discharges – ­in one single-pass operation.

The Vacuumarator® pump is the most compact and

reliable vacuum generator available for sanitary systems. It is highly efficient in transporting any combination of black and grey water under vacuum.

The first Vacuumarator® pump, invented and made by Jets® in 1989, revolutionised sanitary systems on ships. Since then we have continuously developed and refined our technology, and expanded the capacity range.

Read more about the Vacuumarator® pump

Download our Jets® Discharge and pump-out stations brochure

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Know-how and expertise available worldwide

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Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

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Walensee, Switzerland

Jets® has helped keep the pristine waters of this famous mountain lake clean since 1992.

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Stockholm, Sweden

In this one-of-a-kind waterway city built on 14 islands, a citywide pump-out service network was installed from 2008 to 2014.
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Hamburg, Germany

Since 1995, Jets® pump-out stations for sightseeing boats have been integrated in pontoons at the ferry docks.

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