A smarter sanitary system for any vessel

The scalability of Jets® vacuum solutions allow their use in virtually any scenario, from one-toilet cabin systems, to the world's largest cruise vessels.

In-line installation of the Vacuumarator® pump combined with a small footprint and low weight allows for unique installation flexibility and considerable weight savings.

These advantages, along with low energy consumption, make Jets® the preferred choice for designers, yards and owners.

  • Flexible pumping
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy installation
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Scalable solutions for any type of vessel

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Cruise and passenger

A carefree journey for owner, crew and passengers with flexible and durable sanitary solutions.

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Reliable sanitation for merchant ships with vacuum toilets and sewage treatment solution from Jets®.

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The scalability of Jets® vacuum solutions allow their use in everything from one-toilet cabin systems, to mega yachts.

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Rig & Offshore

Jets® has been the preferred supplier for offshore ships, accommodation platforms and oil rigs for a number of years

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Navy & Coast guard

For navies worldwide failure is not an option, and navies and coast guards need systems with uninterrupted operational stability.

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Special vessels

Jets® offers flexible and durable sanitary solutions that make life easier for everyone on board, even when conditions get rough

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What we offer

JETS Product image Toilet porcelain wall Charm

Vacuum toilet

Jets® vacuum toilets are available both wall mounted and deck mounted. With nozzles for easy cleaning, or with flushing ring.

Porcelain and stainless steel models of toilets, urinals and squat pans available.

Jets® vacuum toilets
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Grey water interface unit

Grey water can easily be integrated in the vacuum system.

Please contact us for details regarding capacity.

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Vacuum unit

The Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of our system. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy.

Vacuumarator® pump
JETS product image Ecomotive STP Compact 222 iso

Sewage Treatment Plant

Holding tanks and treatment plants are available in different dimensions according to your need.

Ecomotive® STP
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Patent pending


Stop unwanted items from entering the piping system.

With the new and revolutionary RagBox®, crew members can easily and quickly remove trapped objects without dismantling pipe connections, sparing both crew and guest from unpleasant odors or spillage.

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Know-how and expertise available worldwide

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Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

Jets reference NAV EDDA FIDELES offshore JKR 4828 k

Edda Fides

Built by Astillero HJ Barreras in Vigo, Spain, the Edda Fides was delivered to its owner in March 2011 as the only purpose built monohull accommodation vessel in the world.

Jets reference PAS cruise IMG 4156 Carnival Dream Darren Anderson TH

Carnival Dream

The first ship of its class, Carnival Dream's maiden voyage took place in 2009 after leaving Fincantieri's yard. Now joined by the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream and her two sisters are the largest ships ever built in Italy.

Jets reference NAV KNM skjold kan brukes med tillatelse fra Umoe Mandal

KNM Skjold

The worlds's fastest armed vessels in active duty, six of these Skjold-class stealth missile craft are currently in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy. Built by Umoe Mandal in Norway, the Skjold class can achieve speeds of 60 knots.

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Enquiries and questions