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Smarter mobile solutions - anywhere

Mobile systems create new opportunities. High-standard sanitation in areas with limited access to water and waste treatment.

When choosing Jets you are not just getting a sanitary solution. System design assistance and three decades of experience are included with every purchase, to help you succeed.

The world is smaller than ever, and wherever crowds of people gather, and regardless of why, reliable and hygienic toilets are essential. Jets® makes it possible to offer a higher sanitation standard than ever before, with solutions that adapt to any location.

  • Hygienic
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Quick and easy to install
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Designed for diversity

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Festivals and events

People flock to popular destinations, festivals, concerts, camps, weddings, and religious celebrations around the world. Reliable and hygienic toilets are essential and Jets® offers a like-home toilet solution.

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Worksites and public installations

For those who make their living moving from site to site, access to proper restroom facilities can make or break a day at work. Every bit of extra comfort helps construction workers get through the day.

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Aid and relief

Our sealed vacuum toilet system is used by NGOs, governments and other who may need to deploy safe, hygienic toilets in a rapid fashion anywhere in the world. Jets® solutions are hygienic and easy to install.

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Defence operations

Maintaining good sanitation on military missions is crucial. It helps to prevent the spread of disease and infection among troops, which can significantly impact their ability to carry out their duties effectively.

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Glamping provides a unique experience that combines the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern amenities. Glampers can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

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Jets® vacuum system: First-class hygiene, comfort and flexibility

Jets® systems will scale to your needs, thanks to our versatile product range.

This gives you the ability to design everything from small stand-alone toilet units running on sustainable solar or wind energy, up to the largest event toilet solutions that keep our vacuum pumps spinning around the clock.

Small or large, Jets® vacuum toilet systems will exceed your expectation.

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Jets® products

Jets® vacuum systems and products can be built into any type of construction, wagon, pods, vehicle, anywhere where a sanitary system is needed. We also offer grey water tanks and treatment plants or additional parts as required by the customer.

Jets® products


With Jets® NOMAD you can quickly establish scalable water and wastewater infrastructure for festivals, camp sites, events or construction sites of any size - anywhere. Learn more about our game-changing mobile sanitary infrastructure.

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Jets® ROVER is the ideal plug & play unit for everything from smaller events and glamping sites to emergency and response operations. A lightweight, field-ready vacuum station to quickly create a sanitary infrastructure in remote areas.

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Why vacuum toilets?

Vacuum toilets use air instead of water to transport sewage. This advantage significantly reduces water usage, while the airflow vents away odours and dramatically reduces the risk of spreading airborne and waterborne pathogens.

The plumbing is also more flexible, with vertical lift capability. Logistical costs for water transport and sewage handling are lower, and a significant reduction in man hours saves you time and money. This new and smarter approach to mobile sanitation is made possible by our very own range of robust and reliable Vacuumarator® pumps.


The heart of our system

The unique Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of any Jets® system. It creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges – in one single-pass operation.

  • Small footprint and low weight allow unique installation flexibility.
  • The Vacuumarator® pump is the most reliable vacuum generator available for vacuum toilet systems.
  • The Vacuumarator® pump provides unmatched system performance.
Vacuumarator® pump
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Jets® vacuum toilets (VC)

  • Flexible installation: Vertical and horizontal pipes
  • Use only 1 liter (1/4 gal.) of water per toilet flush, or less
  • Compact 50 mm (2”) pipes and hoses with 75 mm (3”) main lines
  • Easy maintenance and long mean time between services
  • Inherent transport capacity using readily available vacuum power
Jets Illustration Traditional toilets

Traditional toilets (WC)

  • Gravity required: Limited piping options
  • Require 8-10 times more water supply capacity than vacuum toilets
  • Minimum 110 mm (4”) rigid pipes take up valuable installation space
  • Gravity-dependent transport means higher risk of clogging
  • Very large amounts of water used to transport sewage a limited distance
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Chemical toilets (Drop-tank)

  • Sewage has to be sucked out unit by unit
  • Lack of flushing means chemicals are needed to mask odours
  • No piping means capacity is severely limited by the built-in holding tanks
  • Shut down completely for pump-out at regular intervals
  • Limited tank volume leads trucks to manouvre through crowds regularly
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Know-how and expertise available worldwide

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Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

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Sweden Rock Festival

Sölvesborg, Sweden

Established in 1992, this 5-stage festival made the switch to vacuum sanitation in 2016. With access to 300 Jets® toilets, its 33,000 visitors now save 2 million liters of water over the course of 4 days.

Jets Image MOB bangkok

Public Toilet Buses

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok authorities use Jets® vacuum toilets in a large number of purpose-built buses in a push to end open defecation and manage crowded venues in a way that is safe and hygienic for the public.

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