Service & maintenance

We continue to care – even after delivery

Service staff at Jets® work closely with our global network of representatives to make sure your experience with us is a positive one.

Jets® vacuum's service department has a wealth of knowledge about vacuum sanitary systems, and are often able to assist and solve problems for the customer over the phone.

Jets® representatives do their utmost to solve problems and carry out inspections, installations and repairs without interrupting your day-to-day operations.

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  • Service minded
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Genuine parts – worldwide

Our competent, dedicated, and trusted team is your reliable lifeline when you need spare parts for your Jets® system – available worldwide

Genuine parts
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Warranty and claims

We always strive to please our customers, believing that caring for them and sharing our know-how at all times are key to our continued success.

Warranty and claims
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Retrofit and upgrades

One of our specialised services is retrofitting and upgrading of sanitary systems, bringing sustainable solutions to aging ships and buildings.

Retrofit and upgrades

Vacuumarator® Exchange pool

With the launch of the new Jets® Exchange Pool for our Vacuumarator® pumps, maintenance can be carried out with no risk of delays or unexpected costs.

Exchange pool
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Keep vacuum pipes scale free

Keeping your pipes free from scale is key to high efficiency and trouble-free operation. Jets® vacuum descaling solution will prevent scaling issues with no downtime.

Descaling by Jets®
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Original onboard spare parts

The toilet system is vital for maintaining the production, health, and well-being of everyone on board.

To ensure uninterrupted operation, we strongly recommend maintaining a set of spare parts on the ship. Having these spares readily available allows for quick replacement of components, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance.

For the best experience for our customers, we offer custom spare parts kits tailored to each specific installation, making it easy to order exactly what you need using your unique kit number. This approach guarantees fast, safe, and efficient maintenance. For the best performance and safety on board, we always recommend using original Jets® parts.

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Descaling in vacuum piping systems

Urine scale is a hard substance which forms in piping systems due to a chemical reaction between the calcium in water and urine. A special cleaning agent is needed to prevent and remove such scale.

Descaling by Jets®
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Vacuumarator® Exchange Pool

We ensure simple, robust, and predictable maintenance through the Vacuumarator® Exchange Pool. Receive a replacement pump immediately, without having to wait for the pump to be serviced at the factory.

Vacuumarator® Exchange Pool
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