Flexible and durable sanitary solutions for cruise and passenger vessels

Jets® offers flexible and durable sanitary solutions that make life easier for everyone on board.

The reliability of our well-proven systems and the sharp reduction in operating costs are two of several reasons why water-saving Jets® toilet systems have been chosen for decades.

We take pride in the relations we build with our customers, and we take pride in the products we deliver. This gives us the confidence to state that we are always to be trusted.

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  • Flexible pumping
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Easy installation
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Powered by the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator available, Jets® systems have been selected by the world's leading cruise and ferry lines
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The vacuum solution for the future

Destinations are changing, and people want to get closer to the untouched and unique. At the same time, we all share a responsibility to protect the environment and to minimize the human impact.

Wherever you bring your guests, the quality, comfort and dependability of the Jets® systems provide a smooth experience for all. Jets® eco-efficient technology ensures lower operating costs, and our support team is always ready to assist our customers anywhere in the world.

Our focus is always on improvement, decreasing operating costs and developing sustainable solutions for the future. This is what makes Jets® the preferred supplier of vacuum systems.

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Efficiency enhancement of existing ships

It's never too late to embrace the benefits of the Jets® vacuum sanitary system, including reduced energy consumption and improved water treatment. Whether your ship has an existing vacuum or gravity-based system, we can replace parts or all of the existing setup. Retrofitting from a gravity sanitary system to a vacuum sanitary system can lead to water savings of up to 90%.

Vacuum systems offer unparalleled flexibility in pipe installation, making them an ideal replacement for existing gravity-based solutions. Their ability to transport wastewater upwards and sideways through small pipes allows for seamless integration into existing structures, greatly simplifying the upgrade process.

If you already have a vacuum system and toilets, consider upgrading your existing pump with our unique Vacuumarator® to reduce energy consumption by up to 43.9%. Additionally, our various vacuum toilet models are compatible with other vacuum systems.

Retrofit and upgrades

Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

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MS Fram

Built in Italy by Fincantieri and fittingly named after the ship used by Norwegian polar explorers Nansen and Amundsen, this Hurtigruten Group ship routinely carries adventurous passengers into the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, and the Antarctic.

Jets reference PAS cruise IMG 4156 Carnival Dream Darren Anderson TH

Carnival Dream

The first ship of its class, Carnival Dream's maiden voyage took place in 2009 after leaving Fincantieri's yard. Now joined by the Carnival Magic and the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream and her two sisters are the largest ships ever built in Italy.

Jets reference PAS Cruise Silver Muse

Silver Muse

This Mega Yacht for Silversea Cruises represents, according to, Silversea's largest vessel design. It became the fleet's flagship after the inauguration in April 2017.

Silversea operates ultra-luxury cruise ships with all-suite design, including Jets Vacuum toilets.

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We continue to care - even after delivery

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What we can offer

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Jets® vacuum toilet

Jets® vacuum toilets are available both wall mounted and deck mounted. Porcelain and stainless steel.

Jets® vacuum toilets

Vacuum unit

The Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of our system. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy.

Vacuumarator® pump
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Sewage and wastewater treatment

Holding tanks and treatment plants are available in different dimensions according to your need.

Ecomotive® STP
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Patent pending


With RagBox®, crew members can easily and quickly remove trapped objects without dismantling pipe connections, sparing your guests from unpleasant odors or spillage.
  • Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Innovative
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