Effortless Cleaning with RagBox®

Most vacuum sanitary installations are equipped with a rag hook behind each toilet, designed to stop unwanted items from entering the piping system.

The process of cleaning out the rag hook when blocked is often time-consuming and messy.

With the new and revolutionary RagBox®, crew members can easily and quickly remove trapped objects without dismantling pipe connections, sparing both crew and guests from unpleasant odors or spillage.

Discover the many advantages of choosing RagBox® for your vacuum sanitary system, including reduced spillage, improved functionality and an eco-friendly design.

  • Efficient
  • Convenient
  • Innovative
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How RagBox® works

Watch this step-by-step demonstration of how RagBox® simplifies the removal of foreign objects from the vacuum piping system.

Discover the seamless process of opening the lid, extracting trapped objects and restoring normal operation within seconds.

Reduced spillage and operation time

Improved Functionality

The RagBox® is designed to stop only foreign objects, not being blocked by toilet paper. It has an improved catcher function that reduces the risk of spillage and eliminates smell.

Featuring the patent-pending lid opening mechanism the RagBox® represents a breakthrough in functionality and performance.

Efficient and Easy to Use

RagBox® requires only 120mm pipe length and can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on accessibility.

Its compatibility with Jets® descale dosing unit simplifies maintenance, saving you valuable time.

The easy access to the hook reduces operation time from 10 minutes down to seconds.

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Eco-Friendly and Innovative

The RagBox® is made from 100% recycled material and features a patent-pending lid opening mechanism.

Its design is innovative and practical, making it an excellent choice for both new installations and existing systems.

The pioneering lid opening mechanism allowing easy access to the hook reduces operation time from 10 minutes down to seconds.

RagBox® proudly aligns with the UNDG's goals of promoting innovation (UNDG 9) and responsible consumption and production (UNDG 12) through its thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly approach.

Crafted from 100% recycled materials and featuring a recyclable design, RagBox® represents our commitment to sustainability while delivering state of the art functionality.

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RagBox® requires minimal installation space, and have improved catching ability.

The design of the RagBox® has been developed to fit directly onto standard vacuum sanitary pipes, making it easy to retrofit.

For optimal catching ability and minimal spillage it is recommended to install the RagBox® horisontally. However if necessary, the RagBox® can also be installed vertically.

For more detailed information, please ask for our datasheet.

Additional features

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Vacuum level monitoring

With the easy accessibility of RagBox® you have the option to efficiently measure vacuum level and identify potential challenges and need for service or maintenance.

See image above.

Descale unit integration

The RagBox® comes with a built-in connection for Jets® descale dosing unit.

This provides you with the option to perform quick and easy descaling operations without the need to open or rebuild the piping system.

For more info, download our data sheet.


Net Weight0,190 kg
Outside Ddmensions160x79x100 mm
Material100% recycled PP