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Vacuumarator® Exchange pool

With the launch of the new Jets® Exchange Pool for our Vacuumarator® pumps, maintenance can be carried out with no risk of delays or unexpected costs.

We offer replacement units which ensure simple, robust, and predictable maintenance. Enabling complete exchange of Vacuumarator® pumps on site, without having to wait for the pumps to be overhauled at the factory.

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How does it work?

  • Jets Vacuum AS deliver the Vacuumarator® exchange unit to the Customer.
  • The replaced unit is sent to the Jets Vacuum factory at Hareid, Norway.
  • Upon reception of the replaced unit, a credit note will be issued to the Customer.
  • Complete disassembly and inspection of returned unit is undertaken.
  • The unit is overhauled and tested according to factory standard.
  • The unit enters the Exchange pool

Benefits of the Jets® Exchange pool

  • Repair & overhaul - All parts are thoroughly controlled
  • Worn parts are refurbished or replaced with genuine spare parts upgraded to latest generation
  • Predictable maintenance costs, fixed price based on size/ type and reception of returned unit
  • Efficient, easy, and swift maintenance on site
  • Factory Acceptance Test carried out at factory testbed
  • OEM Warranty
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Sustainable development goals

UN SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Jets Vacuum AS aims to contribute to the work towards several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our Vacuumarator® Exchange Pool, we considerably increase the life cycle of our products, thus ultimately reducing waste. This is in line with Goal number 12, Responsible consumption and production.

A newly overhauled vacuum pump will also be more energy efficient.

Jets reference AFT Borgstein

Borgstein AS

"The Jets® Exchange Pool solution worked very well for us.

The service personnel on the job were professional, pleasant and did a thorough job. With good follow-up from the Service Manager, the exchange went smoothly.

Thank you for a well-executed project."

- Trond Are Thomassen, Operations Manager Borgstein AS

Jets Reference AFT Hadarøy

M/F Hadarøy

“We contacted Jets Vacuum AS regarding an overhaul of a Vacuumarator® by Jets® that had been replaced. They offered us an exchange, which meant we were not left without a backup Vacuumarator® on board.

The three ferries operating between Hareid and Sulesund share some spare parts, so it’s critical that we are not left without a second pump as we would have been if we had to wait for the pump to be overhauled and returned from the factory. The Jets® Exchange Pool was a great solution for us.”

- Anne-Mone Strandmann, Chief Engineer, M/F Hadarøy

Jets Reference AFT MS Johan Berg

MS Johan Berg

"The response time from we asked to exchange a pump, until the equipment and service engineer was onboard, was fast.

We were satisfied with the option to get a pump from the Jets® exchange pool including a 12-month warranty."

- Frans Kristiansen, Ship Machinist, MS Johan Berg

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