Change the numbers – change the world

Sustainability is the core of our business idea.

Everything developed and innovated by Jets® creates lasting value for our customers and the environment. Our business philosophy is to waste less of our planet's most important resource – water.
With our innovative gravity-defying technology, we are succeeding.

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ESG Report

True to our business philosophy, we focus on minimising waste of our planet's most valuable resource: water. Our products and innovations are designed to create lasting value for both our customers and the environment.

We invite you to explore our ESG report, where you can learn more about our commitment to sustainability, environmental issues, social matters, and corporate governance.

ESG Report 2023
Lake Mead at an all time low
Lake Mead at an all time low

Change the numbers

Less than 3 percent of the world’s water resources are freshwater, and it is only decreasing. To take control of water resources is one of our big challenges - and great opportunities.

Water is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to drinking water. However, a significant portion of our drinking water is used for a seemingly unavoidable activity: flushing the toilet. While we cannot simply cease using toilets, we need to find a solution to address this issue.

Change the numbers
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Supply chain at JETS

Jets Group’s responsible supply chain covers the topics: Supply Chain, Human and workers’ rights as well as Local workforce and wages.

A sustainable supply chain is an integral part of the group’s ambitions and long-term strategy.

We have established a supplier due diligence process to select, onboard and develop suppliers. Jets Group's supplier code of conduct will help set clear expectations and define requirements and frequency of supplier audits from a risk management point of view.

Responsible Supply Chain
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Certifications and standards

According to our business philosophy we shall deliver added value to our customers through profitable and environment ameliorating solutions.

We ensure that our products meet regulations such as those of IMO and USCG and make an effort to reduce our environmental footprint

Certifications and standards at Jets®