Flexible and reliable sanitary systems for special vessels

Jets® offers flexible and durable sanitary solutions that make life easier for everyone on board, even when conditions get rough.

Crew around the world appreciate the reliability and high standard of our sanitary systems. The simplicity of a Jets® vacuum system provides trouble-free operation and comfortable sailing. Its inherent flexibility also gives you greater freedom in your design choices.

  • Flexible pumping
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Easy installation
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When the sea is your workplace, it is vital that every onboard system is robust and reliable

An extremely flexible system

Low water consumption, smaller pipes and easy installation. With flexible plumbing, it is plain sailing to fit a smart sanitary solution on board.

Vacuum sanitary systems require significantly smaller diameter waste pipes and their non-reliance on gravity means they can flush in any direction - even upwards.

This offers greater flexibility with regard to where the toilet is positioned on board. Furthermore, the waste water from the shower and washbasin can be integrated into the same system.

With easy installation, operation and maintenance, the Jets® vacuum sanitary system is the perfect choice for all types of craft boats.

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A typical Jets Vacuum system configurations

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Jets® vacuum toilets

Sewage can be transported in any direction when using vacuum.

Jets® vacuum toilets are available both wall mounted and deck mounted, with nozzles for easy cleaning or with flushing ring.

Porcelain and stainless steel models of toilets, urinals and squat pans available.

Jets® vacuum toilets
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Grey water interface units

Grey water can be transported by vacuum, via a grey water interface unit.

You can connect a grey water interface unit to showers, sinks etc.

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Vacuumarator® pump

Black and grey water is led to the Vacuumarator® pump and then on to a holding tank or a sewage treatment plant.

The Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of our system. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy.

Vacuumarator® pump
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Sewage treatment plant

Holding tanks and treatment plants are available in different dimensions according to your need.

Ecomotive® STP
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A smarter solution

Vacuum toilets have a number of advantages over traditional water-flushing toilets, as they use air instead of water to transport sewage.

The plumbing is more flexible as you no longer have to depend on gravity for the toilets to work properly. The vacuum system can lift waste water vertically and uses compact 50 mm pipes, saving 80% space compared to traditional 110 mm pipes. Definitely a smarter solution thanks to our strong and reliable Vacuumarator® pump.

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Jets® vacuum toilets

  • Flexible installation: Vertical and horizontal pipes
  • 1 litre of water required per flush
  • 50mm pipe dimensions
  • Low life-cycle costs. Very reliable system
  • No ventilation required
  • Low risk of blockage
  • The Vacuumarator® pump handles several toilets
Jets Illustration Traditional toilets

Traditional toilets

  • Gravity required: Limited piping options
  • Typically 8 litres of water required per flush
  • 110 mm pipe dimensions
  • Higher risk of clogging and corrosion
  • Ventilation required
  • Risk of blockage
Jets Illustration Macerating toilets

Macerating toilets

  • Limited transport
  • Typically 3 litres of water required per flush
  • 40 mm pipe dimensions
  • Weak pump/motor. Frequent maintenance
  • No ventilation required
  • High risk of blockage
  • Individual macerator for each toilet
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VOD™: Vacuum On Demand

This system is perfect for up to 4 toilets and/or grey water interface units. In a VOD system vacuum is only generated when a toilet is flushed (Vacuum On Demand). This approach results in a system with simple and cost efficient operation - easy to install and easy to maintain.

CVS™: Constant Vacuum System

In a Constant Vacuum System, vacuum is maintained in the piping at all times. The Vacuumarator® pump starts and stops automaticallly, activated by the vacuum level in the piping via a pressure sensor. Suitable for installations with more than 4 toilets and/or grey water interface units.

Some of our more noteworthy deliveries include:

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The Alusafe 1500 LDV (Light Diving Vessel) is built according to "Det Norske Veritas"' standard for certification no. 2.21 craft, April 2010.

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Krilo Carbo

Built by Brødrene Aa.

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