Reliable sanitation for merchant ships

When choosing Jets® vacuum toilets and sewage treatment solution, you choose quality and excellent service throughout the lifetime of your vessel.

In-line installation of the Vacuumarator® pump, combined with a small footprint and low weight, allows for unique installation flexibility and considerable weight savings.

These advantages, along with low energy consumption, make Jets® the preferred choice for bulk cargo ships, container ships, tankers and other merchant ships.

  • Easy installation
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Compact and low weight
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Ecomotive Flex Compact

Ecomotive® sewage treatment plants by Jets®

With more than 30 years of experience in sewage treatment plants, Jets Vacuum understands the requirements of the industry, and has created solutions that are reliable and affordable.

Built around the same MBBR technology, Ecomotive® Compact and Ecomotive® Flex by Jets® are space efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible.

Ecomotive® Flex

  • Uniquely flexible modular design
  • Customise the solution to match your needs
  • High quality stainless steel material

Ecomotive® Compact

  • The most compact solution
  • Pre-defined components in ready made "package"
  • Available in high quality stainless and black steel material

The Jets® solution:

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Vacuum toilet

Jets® vacuum toilets are available both wall mounted and deck mounted. With nozzles for easy cleaning, or with flushing ring.

Porcelain and stainless steel models of toilets, urinals and squat pans available.

Jets® vacuum toilets
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Grey water interface unit

Grey water can easily be integrated in the vacuum system. Please contact us for details regarding capacity.
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Vacuum unit

The Vacuumarator® pump is the heart of our system. It generates vacuum efficiently while using very little energy.

Vacuumarator® pump
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Sewage treatment plant

Holding tanks and treatment plants are available in different dimensions according to your need.

Follow link below to learn more about our Ecomotive® STP Flex and Ecomotive® STP Compact options.

Ecomotive® STP
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Some of our deliveries:

Our deliveries to shipowners include:

Furetank Rederi AB, Sweden
Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd., Japan
Sovcomflot, Russia
Seatrade Groningen BV, The Netherlands
Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, Germany
DFDS A/S, Denmark
COSCO Shipping Lines Co., Ltd., China

Our deliveries to shipyards include:

Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., South Korea
Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., China
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., South Korea
Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Germany
Jinling Shipyard Co., Ltd., China
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Structure Co., Ltd., Japan
Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., Poland

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Know-how and expertise available worldwide

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