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Reliable operations and elevated festival experience with vacuum technology

Festival and events

Sweden Rock knows how to create the ultimate festival experience. Not because of the music alone, but because of their attention to detail regarding all aspects of their event. Including hygienic and clean toilets, with homelike comfort.

Published on 2022-10-19
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Sweden Rock serves their audience with authentic rock music experiences.

On a field outside the small Swedish town Sölvesborg 42 000 rock-enthusiasts gathered in June 2022. Sweden Rock filled their five stages with 89 bands playing everything from hard rock and metal to classic rock and blues. The people behind Sweden Rock have a passion for music as well as a passion for customer value. They strive to elevate the festival experience every year. One important aspect is giving festival-goers access to clean, hygienic toilets.

Several AB is one of Sweden’s largest portable restroom rental companies. They have worked with Jets to supply the rock festival with vacuum powered sanitation in 2022 and earlier years. Jets® vacuum toilets and Jets® sanitation systems have been a good fit for Several AB and Sweden Rock. Not only for having the possibility to offer water-flushing toilets with homelike comfort, but more importantly to drastically reduce the water consumption and thus making it possible for the local sewage system to process the wastewater.

Jets image MOB NOMAD sweden rock 2022 festival stage
42 000 rock-enthusiast gathered at Sweden Rock.
Previously we have used vacuum toilets and vacuum pumps by Jets® with great success. This year we also got to test the new mobile sanitation system; Jets® NOMAD. Vacuum technology makes it possible to offer comfortable toilets and saving water at the same time
— Frederic Olsson, owner of Several AB
What is mobile sanitation?

Mobile sanitation systems allow you to create a sanitation infrastructure in areas with limited access to water and waste treatment.

This makes mobile sanitation ideal for festivals and events, but also for construction and worksites, and humanitarian, aid and relief operations.

Pioneering mobile sanitation

The Jets® NOMAD system consists of five units designed to be combined for different needs and situations. At Sweden Rock, Several AB had two of Jets® NOMAD units in operation which were connected to approximately 100 of the total 300 vacuum toilets available for the festivalgoers.

One unit used at Sweden Rock was the Jets® NOMAD Catcher Unit. This unit is designed to stop unwanted items from entering the pumps and eventually the sewer system.

- At festivals, it is quite common for people to throw a lot of unexpected things into the toilets. With the Jets® NOMAD Catcher Unit these items are filtered out before it reaches the pump. This means more uptime and easier maintenance. It is also important for the environment, since it stops the waste thrown into these festival toilets from ending up in the ocean, explains Olsson.

The other unit used at Sweden Rock was the Jets® NOMAD Vacuum Unit which creates vacuum, macerates and discharges the sewage to septic tanks. The Jets® NOMAD Vacuum Unit is also the heart of the entire Jets® NOMAD system, that monitors and logs the performance of the other units in operation

- Both units worked flawlessly throughout the festival and ensured reliable operations and minimal maintenance.