Mobile systems

A typical Jets® configuration and pump out system

The encore just finished and the band heads backstage. You run to the festival's toilet area, elbowing your way to a cubicle fast so you won't miss the next act's first song.

Then you see the sign: "Temporarily closed for servicing".

Rest assured, this will never happen with a Jets® system.

  • One discharge point
  • Low water consumption
  • Low risk of contamination
Jets illustration MOB mobile solutions

First-class hygiene, comfort and flexibility

Perimeter fence

All service points, discharge stations and/or tanker truck pickup points can be located in a dedicated area outside of the actual festival perimeter. The crowds will never see them, never hear them, never smell them.

Vacuumarator® unit

Wastewater from all toilets is collected at one common point, where odours are also vented away. This approach completely eliminates the need for pump-out trucks, keeps visitors away from unwanted sights and smells, and ensures uninterrupted operation for the whole event.

Single point of discharge

Away from the eyes and noses of paying guests, our vacuum system uses its integrated pump-out capability to discharge wastewater into a public sewer, a temporary holding tank or directly into a tanker truck outside of the festival perimeter.

Discharge process

JETS illusteration MOB discharge process 1

Vacuum toilets - always open

With our flushable vacuum toilets, wastewater flows at great speed to a single, centralized discharge point with every flush.

The discharge point can be located far away from the toilets.

JETS illusteration MOB discharge process 2

Chemical toilets - closed for pump-out

A pump-out truck has to be driven into the toilet area to empty the toilets manually, one after another.

The toilets have limited tank capacity, and so this process is carried out repeatedly.

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