Vacuumarator® pumps

Vacuum unit

Our latest series of standard Edge vacuum units are complete with control cabinets in various configurations.

Four different sizes of vacuum units are available, one for each size of our Vacuumarator® pumps (S, M, L, XL), and can be delivered with one, two or three pumps (mono, duo, trio). The units are available with three different control options, Basic, Advanced and VSD.

Choose from 18 different units available in our Jets™ standard portfolio, with variations in Vacuumarator® pump size, number of pumps, and control option, to find the best vacuum unit for your needs.

  • Superior performance
  • Flexibility
  • Unsurpassed reliability
JETS Product image Vacuum unit Edge Large Trio Jets195 MBA Mirror Stor Dyp
Our continuous efforts towards improving our products have yielded successful results. Our latest advancements in Vacuumarator® pumps and vacuum units have widened the gap between us and our competitors.

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