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How to save £1 million on your water bill

The use of vacuum toilets from Jets®, with up to 90% reduced water consumption, will help you make great savings on your water- and drainage bill.

Millions of people in England are affected by the hosepipe bans nearly every year. Climate change and growing population increase the risk of water shortages especially in the south-east and the London area.

The New London plan's ambition is to reduce average water consumption from 150 to 105 liters per person per day. Jets® water saving technology can be a good solution.

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Vacuum toilets use air, not water, to transport toilet waste

Water is used only to flush the bowl and is limited to 0,8 - 1 liter

The less volume we flush down the drain, the more we save. Not only on the cost of water, but as a city we save on pumping and treatment of the public sewage.

Jets has over 30 years of experience in vacuum drainage/sanitary systems and water saving technology.

Example: Average office building of 20,000 square meters with 2500 people, operating 250 days/year

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Traditional toilets

(6 litres full and 4,5 reduced flush):

12.000 m3/year

Jets illustration vac toilet water usage

Vacuum toilets

(0,8 litres single flush):

2.000 m3/year

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Annual savings

10.000 m3/year

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Example result: Water saving of 10.000 m3

The above water saving of 10.000 m3 per year is expected to generate an annual saving of approximately £25.000* on the building's water and drainage bill.

If water prices were to stay at the same level (more likely to rise), the £25.000 annual saving on water bills would generate an impressive half a million pounds saving in 20 years of building operation.

That's over 1 million pounds for an average office building's lifespan.

That is not only eco - that is also economic!

*(£2,50/m3 as average combined cost of water & drainage).

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New and modern vacuum technology

Vacuum drainage and vacuum toilets have been in use for over 30 years in the rail, marine and aviation industry. The latest generation of vacuum drainage systems provide a modern and effective alternative to traditional gravity drainage, for both commercial and residential developments.

The modern vacuum toilet's sound performance has been significantly improved and now they operate on levels equivalent to the traditional toilet.

Additionally, the vacuum drainage system can operate using rainwater or recycled grey water collected from showers, baths and washbasins, eliminating the use and cost of fresh water for toilet flushing.

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