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Increasing risk of water shortage in London

Will London run out of fresh water?

Risk of water shortages is increasing in the whole of the UK. The south east and London areas are especially vulnerable, as the population grows and the effects of climate change becomes tangible.

During 2006 and 2012 some restrictions on water use were imposed in London. Serious social and economic disruptions would be expected if the taps were to run out of water completely, even in the short term.

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Did you know Londoners consume on average about 150 liters of water per person per day? This is nearly 10 liters above the national average!
— The draft London Plan July 2018 version

No drinking water down the toilet

In London, rainwater and grey water systems recycling water to serve vacuum toilets are already in place. Combining vacuum toilet systems with recycled water means zero use of potable water for toilet flushing, and a significant reduction in the building's total water consumption.

How vacuum drainage improves water efficiency

  • Vacuum toilets combined with water recycling will eliminate the use of potable water for WC flushing
  • Preservation of clean water supplies and reduced water demand in water stressed areas
  • Less pressure on ageing and overloaded drainage systems due to decreased discharge rates
  • Significant cost savings related to reduced water and drainage volumes.
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The London Plan

To ensure future water security, the New London Plan stipulates the efficient use of water for all new residential developments. These will be required to be designed to limit mains water consumption to 105 liters per head per day.

Recycling water to serve vacuum toilets means using net zero potable water for toilet flushing, radically reducing the building's total water consumption.

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Modern vacuum technology

The latest generation of vacuum drainage systems provide a modern and effective alternative to traditional gravity drainage, for both commercial and residential developments.

The modern vacuum toilets use only 1 litre of water or less per flush, while keeping noise levels comparable to traditional toilets. This is a reduction in water consumption of up to 90%!

Additionally, the vacuum drainage system can operate using rainwater or recycled grey water collected from showers, baths and washbasins, eliminating the use and cost of fresh water for toilet flushing.

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