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Jets Vacuum ranked Norway’s 5th most innovative business



The Norwegian magazine Innovasjonsmagasinet have presented their yearly announcement of the most innovative businesses in Norway. Jets Vacuum, an industrial company based on the coast of Norway has been included on Innovasjonsmagasinet’s list and received a solid fifth place.

Published on 2024-06-11
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Øyvind Tørlen, CEO
About the jury

The jury was lead by Truls Berg, Editor in Innovasjonsmagasinet. The rest of the jury consisted of: Ingvild Myhre, head of Norway’s National Innovation Council, climate psychologist Ragnhild Nilsen, professor of Innovation at Norwegian School of Economics Tor W. Andreassen, Standard Norge’s Director of Energy, Sustainability and Technology Åse Lunde, former Minister of Finance of Norway Jan Tore Sanner, Professor emeritus of Norwegian University of Science and Technology Arne Krokan, Editor at Computerworld Anders Løvøy, as well as global innovation professor and former Brain of the Year, Leif Edvinsson.

Each year, Innovasjonsmagasinet evaluates and ranks businesses in Norway working with innovation. Jets Vacuum, based in Hareid, a small town on the coast of Norway, has been declared as Norway’s fifth most innovative business. The company has produced sanitation systems based on vacuum since 1986, and innovation has been at their core since the beginning.

  • When JETS launched the Vacuumarator® pump, developed and patented by JETS, in 1989, it set a new standard for vacuum pumps in the maritime industry. Since then, JETS has continuously optimised and innovated products and solutions. Today, JETS does not only deliver world-leading vacuum systems to the maritime industry, but also to projects on land. To be announced Norway’s fifth most innovative company is a great recognition of the innovation that has been done at JETS over decades, says CEO Øyvind Tørlen.

The jury that picked out and ranked this year's candidates was put together by several experienced people with different backgrounds and competence, primarily from Norway.

  • This list is the most comprehensive overview of which businesses are in effect the most innovative, as opposed to those that primarily talk about innovation. We are driven by a wish to spotlight businesses from all industries, large and small, from all parts of Norway. It’s always exciting to be able to display companies such as Jets Vacuum – doing high-level innovation from a small town on the coast, says Truls Berg, editor of Innovasjonsmagasinet.

Jets Vacuum has good profitability and operates in several different market segments. From the head office at Hareid, JETS delivers vacuum systems to customers all over the world.

  • Our business philosophy here at JETS is based on sustainability and innovation. We focus on minimising waste of valuable resources, like water. Products and solutions by JETS are developed and designed to create lasting value for our customers as well as the environment, states Tørlen.
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Since Jets Vacuum was started almost 40 years ago, the company has delivered 600.000 vacuum toilets to happy customers all over the world. Based on this, we estimate that the innovative, patented vacuum pump, Vacuumarator®, have contributed to substantial water-savings.

  • Sanitation solutions from JETS contribute to saving more than 25 million litres water daily because vacuum toilets use a lot less water than traditional toilet solutions, explains Tørlen.

Innovation is central to JETS’ work to reduce its climate footprint. The company is certified according to the standards NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system and NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system. JETS has recently published its first ESG report outlining the company’s efforts to reduce environmental impact, support employees and generate long-term value for the company's stakeholders. The ESG report spans JETS operations, as well as upstream and downstream activities in our value chain related to environment, social and governance topics

  • JETS had not existed without innovation – it is at our core. Our company was built by pioneers, and we will continue to innovate and develop products and solutions. We have been able to create profitable growth over several years, and we feel JETS has a real contribution to creating a more sustainable planet. This makes us proud, states Tørlen.