From the left: Hans-Ola Holstad from Holstad Eiendomsutvikling, Gunnar Gjersdal from Jets Vacuum and Julie Sundgot Andersen from Vekst i Hareid,

Plans to modernize old factory


Holstad Eiendomsutvikling wants to transform a closed furniture factory to a modern business location, under the name ID24. With a local initiative, Vekst i Hareid, as their partner and Jets Vacuum as their first tenant, they have taken the first step towards that goal.

Published on 2022-09-08

The building has a total mass of 12 595 square meters – offices, production area, and storage. Holstad Eiendomsutvikling hopes to form ID24 into the biggest factory in north-west Norway on one floor with high grade of automation. This can create values and more jobs in Hareid, which aligns with Vekst I Hareid’s goals.

Jets Vacuum helps businesses all over the world become more sustainable by offering vacuum solutions and sewage treatment plants. ID24 also checked several important boxes when the company needed a more space due to their growth.

  • Jets has grown a lot and we needed more space quickly, until we have a more lasting option. We had a good dialogue with Holstad Eiendomsutvikling and appreciates their investment in the community here. We have rented a space in ID24, and expanded part of our production there. Our products Jets® NOMAD and Jets® ROVERr, made for land- and especially the event market, is exclusively produced at ID24, says Gunnar Gjersdal, Planning and System Development Manager at Jets Vacuum AS.

Holstad Eiendomsutvikling is happy to have a tenant that takes sustainability seriously, and that represent important values for the future.

  • We are happy to work with and be involved in what Jets is creating here at Hareid. This aligns with what we want to realize with ID24. We want to continue to facilitate further growth in business here, says CEO in Holstad Eiendomsutvikling, Hans-Ola Holstad.

Julie Sundgot Andersen, project manager in Vekst in Hareid, adds that this is an important step in establishing ID24 and highlight the opportunities this new initiative represents.

  • It is very gratifying that Holstad Eiendomsutvikling can contribute to facilitate growth and development in Jets and other local businesses. Jets Vacuum AS is an important motor in the local business community with great potential for the future. Nothing is better than companies coming together and maximizing potential, says Andersen

Holstad Eiendomsutvikling wishes to bring in companies that want to establish a state-of-the-art factory. In addition, they expect that there will be more requirements for environmental footprints and certifications as well as energy efficiency for companies. This is Holstad Eiendomsutvikling’s motivation for modernizing the building with a focus on energy consumption and sustainability,

  • The most sustainable buildings are the ones already built. It is more sustainable to modernize and energy-optimize an existing buildings, that to tear down and building a new one. We at Holstad Eiendomsutvikling see great potential in modernizing and creating new activity in this factory, says Holstad.