Sewage treatment plant

Ecomotive® STP Compact

Save space and costs with Ecomotive® STP Compact. The unit offers the most space-saving design available, and comes in four different sizes.

Both Ecomotive® STP Compact and Ecomotive® STP Flex by Jets® are space efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible. With more than 30 years of experience in sewage treatment plants, Jets Vacuum understands the requirements of the industry, and has created solutions that are reliable and affordable, without any need for chemicals.

  • Small footprint
  • Reduced and simplified maintenance
  • Environmentally responsible
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Save space and costs with Ecomotive® STP Compact

A modern engine room has to contain a lot of equipment, and space is at a premium.

With its high biological capacity, the Ecomotive® STP Compact offers the most space-saving design available. It comes in four different sizes in both stainless steel and black steel execution.

Elevated on legs, the STP tanks can be drained completely. This allows for tank disinfection to support improved system hygiene and crew safety and at the same time prevent corrosion attacks on the bottom of the STP (black steel execution).

Stainless steel or Black steel material

  • Freedom to choose based on requirements and costs

Air distribution pipes accessible from the outside of the unit

  • Easy maintenance

Access to all chambers through hatches on the top of the unit

  • Easy maintenance

STP on legs

  • Prevents damage of internal coating and corrosion attack during installation and operation = Prolonged life-span of the unit
  • Tanks can be drained completely after internal cleaning, leaving no cleaning residue
  • Cleaning agents can be used for disinfection after cleaning to prevent build-up of E.coli bacteria = Improves hygiene and crew safety


  • Due to the continuous movement of biofilm carriers. Reduced maintenance and improved safety for the crew.

Disinfection by UV-light

  • Most effective and environmentally responsible solution

Automatic sludge removal

  • Automated and clean operation eliminates a dirty job for the crew

Macerating feed pump

  • Operational safety due to improved and highly effective cleaning process


Dry Weight1.042 - 1.785 kg
Wet Weight2.360 - 5.850 kg
Dimensions4 sizes (1.11 - 4.44) in stainless steel AISI316 or black-steel
TypeCompact "Plug-and-Play" design for vessels up to 548 PoB
Capacity / Hydraulic load1.850 - 7.400 liters/day