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Mobile sanitary infrastructure for large festivals

For large festivals, it is important to have a good water and sewage infrastructure. Good planning and reliable partners are essential.

So, how can you ensure that so many people can use the restrooms at the same time while keeping them clean and ready for use at all times? Let technology work for you and choose vacuum solutions from Jets®, saving you a lot of work while providing clean and hygienic toilet facilities.

  • Hygienic
  • Water saving
  • Quick and easy to install
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Sanitary infrastructure for a large-sized festival

To ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent overcrowding, it’s important to plan the layout strategically by positioning toilet- and recreation facilities in areas that allow for easy movement of visitors and avoid bottlenecks. A vacuum system is the most flexible, hygienic, and effective solution for this. With a vacuum system, you can plan the festival area without worrying about dump trucks entering the area. This allows you to group and organize facilities in a more appropriate way for visitors.

For festivals with approximately 100,000 visitors, it’s essential to have a minimum of 500 strategically placed toilets to avoid overcrowding, long queues, and a negative atmosphere. Jets® NOMAD systems for mobile sanitary infrastructures can be used to enhance the festival experience and streamline operations. Here’s an example of how Jets® NOMAD can be incorporated into festival planning.

In this example, 500 toilets are operated by using 5 x Vacuum Units XL to ensure that all water and waste is transported efficiently. Additionally, 5 x Catcher Units have been included to capture any unwanted items that may enter the vacuum system. 5 x Water Supply Units and 5 x Transfer Tank Units have also been incorporated into the setup, making emptying and refilling quicker and more efficient.

5 collection points / areas, each equipped with:

  • 1 x Jets® NOMAD Vacuum Unit XL
  • 1 x Jets® NOMAD Catcher Unit
  • 1 x Jets® NOMAD Water Supply Unit
  • 1 x Jets® NOMAD Transfer Tank Unit

This setup saves a lot of time when it comes to emptying. In addition, it provides a hygienic and pleasant experience for visitors, while also being environmentally friendly, making it a great choice for festivals.

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Sanitary infrastructure with Jets® NOMAD.
MOB Discharge

Discharge process

In contrast to chemical toilets, for example, which must be emptied one by one, with Jets® vacuum system, you get the opportunity to immediately transport all waste water with a vacuum to a suitable discharge point. This point is placed outside the festival area so that emptying can take place without enlarging the festival experience. This gives space and freedom to plan the layout of the festival in a more strategic way with regard to the visitor’s experience, the flow of people and the sale of food and drink.

Read more about A typical Jets® configuration and pump out system

A typical Jets® configuration and discharge process
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Jets® NOMAD system

With Jets® NOMAD you can quickly establish scalable water and wastewater infrastructure for festivals, camp sites, events or construction sites of any size - anywhere. Learn more about our game-changing mobile sanitary infrastructure.

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Combat the spread of harmful pathogens with vacuum toilets by Jets®. In a vacuum toilet, harmful bioaerosols are safely contained and transported away from the room.

Reduced pressure in the vacuum system forces the wastewater into the vacuum pipework, along with air from the adjacent area. This means all smells, bacteria and viruses are being sucked into the drainage system, unlike in the traditional toilet.

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Change the numbers – change the world. Sustainability is the core of our business idea.

Everything developed and innovated by Jets® creates lasting value for our customers and the environment. Our business philosophy is to waste less of our planet’s most important resource – water.


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